Accounts Validator Groups

Validator Groups act as intermediary between voters and validators. A validator group has members, an ordered list of candidate validators. There is a fixed limit to the number of members that a group may have.

AddressName Tag Balance Txn Count
0x26e6b535a62d2ce81bc84dbfd836548a2fcb3104Validator Group: 01 Node 118.99495099 CELO10
0x4da92da1afbf103f2b52dd29326e34c98ca1e78cValidator Group: a16z 10.9 CELO31
0xa512cbe686eddb170219aa23ce6cb243fa2873cbValidator Group: Academia0.00061737 CELO16
0x15ed3f6b79f5fb9ef1d99d37314dd626b3005f0bValidator Group: AG1 CELO35
0x0f66619058bb9675f3d394fcc2ce236a29901571Validator Group: Alive291 CELO48
0x869b7f65801e75f087a493d9d3c8022dcf964b1fValidator Group: Alpha Group0.98288375 CELO31
0xfa592ae90e407da044602342625aaabbf5d50c22Validator Group: Alpha Virtual0 CELO37

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