Accounts Validator

Celo Validators participate in the consensus of the Celo protocol. They help secure the Celo network by verifying transactions and proposing blocks on the Celo blockchain.

A total of 100 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x1d511366feb1ed330925b2d51645bb5c607ea6d4Polychain: Classic1 CELO16
0x5282f82f82e9a74e186b8ee18cc76808b78dc383Polychain: Cybernetic1 CELO16
0xab0c16bbd78d6b9f4503d81d859a3ffb64486f9aPolychain: Rhodium1 CELO16
0xacf0e11ff39ead797475a1694fcca94a0e94784fPolychain: Seraph1 CELO16
0x0f412760759a2fad4f07cee36bfdaa218814de89Validator Capital 11 CELO54
0x07adf41f00dd7ec9c63c445f3fad5ccbdc2a7c85Validator Capital 21 CELO42
0x7b41d719f51ca1e057aecb8718c649aff0c16895Validator: 01 Node 18.99486782 CELO11
Sum of 7 Accounts6 CELO160

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