Accounts Token Contract

List of smart contracts with tokens.

A total of 38 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance TxCount
0x46c9757c5497c5b1f2eb73ae79b6b67d119b0b582.002 CELO19,298
0xef4229c8c3250c675f21bcefa42f58efbff6002a0 CELO4,195
0xbaab46e28388d2779e6e31fd00cf0e5ad95e327b0 CELO1,549
0x6e512bfc33be36f2666754e996ff103ad1680cc9Allbridge: ABR Token0 CELO4,962
0x20677d4f3d0f08e735ab512393524a3cfceb250cAriswap net: ARI Token0 CELO8,049
0x639a647fbe20b6c8ac19e48e2de44ea792c62c5cBeefy Finance: BIFI Token0 CELO794
0x452ef5a4bd00796e62e5e5758548e0da6e8ccdf3Celo Starter: CSTAR Token0 CELO4,661
Sum of 7 Accounts2.002 CELO38,847

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