Accounts T-System MMS

T-System MMS is a validator group that manages voters and validators.

A total of 6 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance Txn Count
0x81383e7c8801b102f742f4f5a5fad06867212b05Validator Group: T-System MMS Validator 10.09982614 CELO82
0xb6a0db24dd1a20183584cde5dd883f4bb3ae068cValidator: T-System MMS Validator 10.09992316 CELO64
0x35a5a989151683215ec36898bb4497f524556b69Validator: T-System MMS Validator 20.09992316 CELO63
0xdfbf9cc8dbc04b9c07f292bb9147c14ddf4152b7Validator: T-System MMS Validator 30.09992316 CELO63
0x4a8fa59c7e41204445b756e521a591a75e57528cValidator: T-System MMS Validator 40.09992316 CELO53
0xa61486fc99f22e5640c2d28db78a721705bd4158Validator: T-System MMS Validator 50.09992316 CELO39
Sum of 6 Accounts0.59944194 CELO364
Note : Labels source attribution required if used externally