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Optics is a protocol for sending messages between EVM chains. It can be used to securely send tokens cross-chain using the burn/mint token model.

A total of 6 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance Txn Count
0xbaab46e28388d2779e6e31fd00cf0e5ad95e327b0 CELO1,549
0xef4229c8c3250c675f21bcefa42f58efbff6002a0 CELO4,195
0x239b28029ab6924b1a8d357a1d3585f19a2b3fb6Optics: Deployer0.17915091 CELO2,804
0x1548cf5cf7dbd93f4da11f45fcce315573d21b60Optics: ERC-20 Bridge63,347.491696 CELO5,046
0x29dfce9c22003a4999930382fd00f9fd6133acd1Optics: SUSHI Token0 CELO3,401
0x122013fd7df1c6f636a5bb8f03108e876548b455Optics: WETH Token0.1 CELO4,964
Sum of 6 Accounts63,347.77084691 CELO21,959
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