Accounts Mission Quorum Group

Mission Quorum Group is a validator group that manages voters and validators.

A total of 6 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance Txn Count
0xa432da0ed5a2c15cbc681227ccec3b375908fdcbValidator Group: Mission Quorum Group1 CELO34
0x39b01620ecdeb8347270ee78dc962b0ea583b57aValidator: Mission Quorum 11 CELO16
0x9e8a03768c2711c22bcc7999359d6655b7cdb710Validator: Mission Quorum 20.99912459 CELO15
0xdb2e80840f40033761a5cdfa3b09fe24f95a4aaaValidator: Mission Quorum 30.99913997 CELO14
0xc538583c030227de48e3279c1009646f29dc097eValidator: Mission Quorum 40.99919559 CELO12
0xc1a42a4550301b16eb557b46c15d27c222761ef7Validator: Mission Quorum 50.9992711 CELO10
Sum of 6 Accounts5.99673125 CELO101
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