Accounts Ledger by Figment

Ledger by Figment is a validator group that manages voters and validators.

A total of 4 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance Txn Count
0x0861a61bf679a30680510ecc238ee43b82c5e843Validator Group: Ledger by Figment 10.99935758 CELO8
0x1c13efcbaeccc17d41f4a23da5cac15167675b96Validator: Ledger by Figment 10.99918871 CELO10
0xd818f03476ef422beddf720addf5b3d3fd8353feValidator: Ledger by Figment 20.99919015 CELO10
0x572bd94eef29d104f266e82b0781bc4b07086648Validator: Ledger by Figment 30.99918578 CELO10
Sum of 4 Accounts3.99692222 CELO38
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