Accounts Figment Networks

Figment Networks is a validator group that manages voters and validators.

A total of 5 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance Txn Count
0x01b2b83fdf26afc3ca7062c35bc68c8dde56db04Validator Group: Figment Networks 10.99 CELO24
0x0e47ea88480788289bda37d8ae0c2cd680623cfaValidator: Figment Networks 11 CELO22
0x90b056b00952d71bc7866c067b49f5b062098ac9Validator: Figment Networks 20.9 CELO15
0xddc60b465c204aa7358ce4f009d2dbc65af5c4b4Validator: Figment Networks 312.14392915 CELO59
0x12125d1b7f01f32b3a741a6b97cb46f714f273aaValidator: Figment Networks 40.89902293 CELO19
Sum of 5 Accounts15.93295208 CELO139
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