Accounts Cnstnt

Cnstnt is a validator group that manages voters and validators.

A total of 5 accounts found

Address Name Tag Balance Txn Count
0x21fb4411fa5828344c2788ab07d4cc12a12571b9Validator Group: Cnstnt Validator 11.37652086 CELO76
0x8d1a5ef84252586f0f841a9fcf4e31f23c4c21e0Validator: Cnstnt Validator 10.47354417 CELO46
0xdf9121affb220e9095c875a79c3d1fa3ebee4105Validator: Cnstnt Validator 20.47354417 CELO41
0x020e468c252ff18261b1996d25f0fff4f830cf7aValidator: Cnstnt Validator 30.47354417 CELO41
0x5b9f5239b10f1d74ea89f88fe3d50db7ecd6e450Validator: Cnstnt Validator 40.47354417 CELO39
Sum of 5 Accounts3.27069754 CELO243
Note : Labels source attribution required if used externally